HomeThe Selling Process

Regardless of the seasons in the house market, the process of selling properties in Greater Toronto Area has never been easy. In case you are a newbie in this and have never gone through this process before, then get ready to be overwhelmed. There could be number of thoughts that could surround your mind such as what is the exact worth of property? What are the renovations I need to get done before selling it? What is the right time to sell it? Shall I buy a property and then sell it?The questions are never ending.

To help you out and remove all the complications, here we have put across a very effective selling guide that we have personally made from our own experience. Here is how I use these steps to take over the effective selling:

Realtor Selection: Selection of the right real estate agent could act as a total game changer for you. If you end up selecting the right agent, then you will also end up making prominent profits as well. However, with multiple supplies available, it is essential to do your own thorough due diligence before boiling down to an option. Make sure that you do end up asking some relevant questions. For me, my moto has always been to provide honest solutions to my clients.

Preparation of the home for sale: ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, hence the first look of the house will play a key role in determining the price of the house. Firstly, start with a proper tour, and spot whatever is broken to get it fixed right away. Also, get rid of some of the old stuff that is unwanted and taking up undue space. Clean the entire property well and make it shine.

Price the home: Setting of the home selling strategy is a crucial task, which acts as the base whether your property would get sold or not. In case if you price it very high, then it won’t get sold easily, and if the property is priced too low then you might end up missing out on the profits. Hence, the property needs to be priced properly.

Marketing and Advertising: The only way to reach out to your target audience is by marketing and advertising the property thoroughly. Make sure you put up authentic information on the web, professional photos and cover up all the details as well.

Offers: Once you do all your first 4 steps right, then the next step of getting offers will be a cakewalk for you. Once you finalize an offer, then you would have to get your hands on the legal aspect.

In each of these steps, we are throughout there for our clients through thick and thin. I personally take part in every step, and help the sellers get a great deal.