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Buying Property with Us

The truth is, buying a home in Greater Toronto Area is not a cakewalk, but it’s a daunting task. The last decade has been more than a positive wave for the sellers and a challenging task for the buyers. Hence, buying a property without the help of a professional is like running into a well all by yourself. But you can be assured, when you have Raj Dhawan by your side.

I am one of the leading Real Estate Broker in Greater Toronto Area. I consider myself to have the most epic negotiation skills, and these skills help me saving tremendous amount of money for my clients. On an average my buyers have been able to save huge bucks, as I have always helped them to get the best deal possible.

Natural Process:

In my career so far, I haven’t forced any clients of mine to buy the property. The word ‘Force’ does not really exist in my dictionary. My style is not to play temporary and run after those commission cheques. I have always believed in having a very high retention rate of my clients, and for me my client’s success is my own success. My approach is to understand Clients’ perspective and investment thoughts and move in line with those. I have never believed in being a pushy salesperson. In fact, I worked according to the requirements of my clients want and always help them with the genuine advice.

I know my stuff “Too Well”

Over the years, I have sold numerous properties, which is much higher than any real estate consultancy as well. I know Greater Toronto Area in and out, every lane and therefore I can come up with the best offerings. Buying a house requires to keep in mind multiple factors, and I make sure to check everything. When you have my back, you will surely get the offers of the best property. Since we are living in a very hustle-bustle world, we do not really have the time to drop at multiple houses, and this is where my role comes into. You are no longer required to worry about the administrative work, because all of that will be taken care of by me.

No more hassle:

We make the buying process very easy. My services are not limited to the resale of condos and home, but we are also specialist in newer buildings and guide through the projects which you should focus on. We also provide free consultation.

Extra Mile:

We know that buying of condo or a house in Greater Toronto Area is a challenging task. Hence, I will arm you at every step. Right from getting the movers quotes to just getting rid of the broken household stuff that the sellers end up leaving in the backyard.

I am there with you throughout; till the time you get moved in to your new home successfully.